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Since 1934
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PointerWelcome to E.S. FOX Ltd.
The Comfort Maple

E.S. Fox Ltd. is a multi-faceted organization providing clients with a single source for their construction, fabrication, service and engineering requirements. The company is unique in that it is not only an industry leader in construction and engineering but is one of the country's major sheet metal, pressure vessel, module and pipe fabricators and has a proven capability of documenting and implementing quality standards.

Canada's greatest sugar maple tree, the Comfort Maple, reputed to be nearly 500 years old stands majestically in a country field only minutes from the Head Office of E.S. Fox Ltd. The Comfort Maple named after the family on whose land it stands has a crown spread of 100 feet and a trunk 20 feet in circumference. E.S. Fox Ltd. has chosen this tree to adorn the front cover of its corporate brochure as a symbol of Canadian strength and tradition. Like the Comfort Maple, E.S. Fox Ltd. has grown to stand as a longstanding leader among its peers.

E.S. Fox Ltd. has been a pillar of strength in the Industrial, Construction, Fabrication, Engineering and HVAC industry for over seven decades now. The company was established in 1934 and has always remained one of the Niagara Region's leading companies. E.S. Fox Ltd. is a privately held, third generation, family-owned company. We are one of the largest industrial and fabrication firms in Central and Eastern Canada.

The 1000+ employees at E.S. Fox Ltd. are actively involved in executing many major industrial, commercial, and institutional projects throughout the country. We continue to meet stringent safety, quality and project controls requirements on an ongoing basis. We are constantly embracing new technologies to ensure the best for E.S. Fox Ltd. and all of our customers.

The Comfort Maple is in the custody of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority and we thank them for the use of this photo. Click here to see a map and directions.

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